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Remixes I & II / Jazztronik

Jazztronik - Remixes I & II

Tokuma Japan Communications

Jazztronik is certainly making sure we spend lots of cash - especially those outside of Japan - with another two cd release. As I'm sure you guessed by the title, it's time for the remixers to have their way with the tracks from albums Cannibal Rock and En:Code. Both cds are jampacked with all the big name producers/remixers with their new interpretations. On the first few listens I am leaning towards Part II with essential re-works from Domu, Two Banks of Four, Needs, Louie Vega, DJ Mitsu, 2000 Black and that's only half of them. The first cd is certainly worth a listen even just for the wonderful Sleepwalker remix of "Pathways" and Osunlade's remix seems to be causing quite a stir with select djs. OK it's expensive but worth every penny.

Simon Harrison, 04/06