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My Groove Your Move / Lack Of Afro

Lack Of Afro - My Groove Your Move

Freestyle Records

On his follow up to the successful debut “Press On”, Adam Gibbons, the man behind Lack of Afro delivers another disc rich with rare grooves, live instrumentation and soulful vocals for good measure. “My Groove your Move” is filled with loads of funky rhythms that will make your body move. Adam plays most of the instruments here with a little help from his friends and heat things up right from the start. “Special Baby” is an up-tempo funk track with an infectious rhythm guitar as the driving force behind the groove. “Closer to me” is arguably the hottest track on the disc. The rhythm section is cooking some serious funk here especially with the Hammond B3 adding some extra sauce. Plus Roxie Ray’s vocals are the seasoning that takes it over the top. The band brings the groove down to a slow burn with “Rejection in 6/8 time”, the type of jam to cool down to from non-stop partying. The two hip-hop tracks are just decent however. “International” is solid and “Suspicious Glow” would’ve been much better without the corny intro. That said, there’s more than enough funk here to satisfy any appetite. Plus the production here is excellent; each track embodies that live session experience where musicians recorded a track in one take. The result is a rewarding listening experience. Adam Gibbon’s sophomore release proves that he knows how to bring the funk either as a DJ or a musician. This is another quality recording from the Freestyle label that merits your attention.

Reg Dancy, 10/09