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Carolina Funk / Various Artists

Various Artists - Carolina Funk

Jazzman Records

Thank goodness for labels like Jazzman Records to search where no man has searched before to resurrect the rare grooves of the 70’s. Last year, they released "Florida Funk" and it was a huge success. They've done it again with "Carolina Funk." The man responsible for this year's release is North Carolina resident and record collector, Jason Perlmutter. He's assembled 22 of the rarest funk gems to emerge from the Carolinas. There are songs that will make you get on the good foot like Dynamite Singletary’s "Super Good," a high energy track similar to James Brown’s "Super Bad." The Soul Drifters certainly burned up the dance floor with "Funky Soul Brother." The mood slows down for a moment with Paul Burton’s "So Very Hard To Make It”"  Make no mistake, this disc lays the funk down hard and heavy from start to finish. It provides a glimpse into an era so rich in musical talent that the artists displayed here are now getting the attention they never received before. When you think of vintage soul, you can now add the Carolinas as a contributor to the conversation. We have Jason Perlmutter to thank for that.

Reg Dancy, 05/08