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Coastlines / Windsurf

Windsurf - Coastlines


Daniel Judd is better known as Sorcerer and Sam Grawe is better known as Hatchback and when their mesmeric musical powers combine they make up the exciting, San Francisco based duo, Windsurf. “Coastlines” is the first fruit of their collaborative labour and anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing “Surfing At Midnight”, the first Sorcerer 12 inch released on the UK’s Tirk record label, will kind of know what to expect. Comparisons with Prins Thomas, Morgan Geist and Erland Oye, whilst thoroughly deserved, don’t quite say enough, for Windsurf have their own thing going on, and that thing is perfect, poppy, Nu Disco-ish, electronica that, with wave after wave of washing synthesizer and its lolloping, laidback guitar strum, will have you yearning for long, lazy days by the sea. “Bird of Paradise” is the jewel in the crown, a wondrous, hum-along, vocoder-backed vocal that evokes synth-pop comparisons with Air at their Moon Safari best.

Tom Breslin, 11/08