Dos Santos: City of Mirrors [International Anthem]

International Anthem continues to deliver cutting edge music. “City Of Mirrors” from Dos Santos is their first release since 2018. The five member band fuses traditional Latin music with spirited electric guitar rhythms. Baritone saxophonist Elliot Bergman formerly with the band Nomo brings an Afrobeat element to the session. Their compositions explore the emotions of social injustice within their communities of East Los Angeles. “A Shot in the Dark” is bolstered by rich harmonies, searing guitars and percussion. Guitarist/Keyboardist Alex Chavez soaring vocals punctuate the track and his guitar playing is superb. The title track employs the band’s trademark Latin meets electric blues sound. Bergman’s hypnotic clarinet adds a nice touch. “Cages and Palaces” is a pulsating up-tempo track driven by feverish guitar and organ rhythms. “Ghost. Me.” is a moving ballad. Chavez’s vocals are strong throughout and the band rises to the occasion. Their lyrics deal with important issues yet provide hope for better days. This is a marvelous record you can’t listen to enough.