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Boomerang Records Presents: Global Sounds [Boomerang Records]

Global Sounds is a collaboration of artists from around the world creating infectious groove infused electronic compositions. The lineup is stellar with appearances by Steve Spacek, Scrimshire, Afronaut Zu and many more. The disc kicks off in a mellow mood with “Say No More” featuring the blissed out vocals of Bryony Jarman-Pinto. London based vocalist Andre Espeut appears on three tracks and each are high energy bangers. He teams up with DJ/Producer Footshooter on “Looking Back” and pairs with producer Duke High on “Pilolo With Me”. On the broken beat flavored “Sunrays” he’s joined by multi-instrumentalist Mark De Clive Lowe. Each track offers an eclectic pairing that pushes the boundaries that are both cohesive and impressive.

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03:00 African FM

04:00 Pool FM
12:00 Dinamo FM
15:00 Ness Radio


19:00 Radio 42
19:00 RauteMusik.FM

22:00 Educa Web Radio


15:00 UBR FM


02:00 Assk Radio
10:00 Ness Radio


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