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Foat, Heinola, Akerblom: Gone To The Cats [Jazz Aggression]

Greg Foat has become one of most prolific pianist in the UK today. He has delivered several gems for labels like Athens Of The North and Strut records. While performing in Finland he decided to head to the studio with two of the finest musicians among the fertile burgeoning jazz scene. “Gone To The Cats” released on Jazz Aggression records features drummer Aleksi Heinola and Bassist Teemu Akerblom. The eight track recording is filled with vibrant compositions that finds Foat utilizing the Fender Rhodes, Moog and synthesizers. On “Feline Fantasy” and “Valley of The Black Cats” Foat’s melodic flourishes are matched by Heinola’s driving rhythms. “Yim & John” finds Foat turning to the Moog and dives deep into the outer limits of melody and gliding around Akerblom’s subtle yet poignant bass grooves. Just when you thought he reached his peak he returns to the Fender Rhodes to travel farther into the galaxy. No filler at all here, just glorious music to savor. Not sure what the cat reference means. All I know is these are some cool cats making great music.

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