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Nikitch & Kuna Maze – Back & Forth [Tru Thoughts Recordings]

French duo Nikitch and Kuna Maze are firmly entrenched as masters of DJing and producers. Their catalog is filled with instrumental grooves shaped by electronics, broken beat and house. With their latest release “Back & Forth” they step outside of their comfort zone and work with an impressive set of collaborators who breathe new life into their compositions. On “Engatinhar” they inject a touch of Brazilian flavor in the arrangement and top it off with vocals from Joao Selva. “Zugzwang” is a blissful blend of jazz funk with a touch bruk for good measure. “La Di F..Da” is infectious house suitable for night clubbing or a midday chillout. “Back & Forth” marks an evolution in the duo’s sound. They could’ve rested on their laurels but by pushing the boundaries they’ve made arguably their best record to date.


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