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Communication / Electric Conversation

Electric Conversation - Communication

Futuristica Music

A few months back, when I was listening heavily to the Basement Soul compilation, a song that really stood out for me was "Dancing" by Electric Conversation. Unfamiliar with the group, I did some research. I discovered they're from France and releasing their debut very soon. I also found that they're on the Futuristica label created by Simon S of Break Reform. This was clearly a sign of good things to come since damn near everything coming out on Futuristica has been pure heat. With enormous hype already built up for this disc, was I setting myself up for a letdown? Absolutely not! "Communication" is the rare disc that just gets better with each track. Electric Conversation has crafted an excellent collection of soulful hip-hop infused songs that just melt your heart. The title track "Communication" has all the ingredients of hot buttered organic soul. "Vibe Change" provides more of the same as vocalist K-Ro sings lead while Oz provides the vocals on the chorus. Both songs provide that cosmic soul vibe. What's great here is that E.C. have managed to create soulful electronic music that is warm and intoxicating. In addition, fellow members of the Futuristica family like Deborah Jordan and Rep Life stop by to bless the disc as well. Everyone should know Deborah from "Silhouette Brown". Her gorgeous vocals on "In My Mind" take the song to another level. Rep Life lends his superb rhyming skills to the song "Cosmos". Now there a couple of songs spoken in French but the music is so undeniably good that it hardly matters. You'll find yourself nodding to it anyway. Hands down if you're a fan of futuristic soul with a touch of hip-hop and Electronica, you need this in your collection. A must have.

Reg Dancy, 12/07