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Static / Maspyke

Maspyke - Static

ABB Records

Already legends of the underground, Maspyke deserve to explode into the mainstream with this debut set of Soul-influenced, hardcore Hip-Hop. Roddy Rod's tough, whip-snapping beats, reminiscent of Jay Dee's Slum Village work, provide the perfect accompaniment to Hanif and Tableek's rugged poetry, which is heavy on both intelligence and attitude. Released in the US in September 2005, this album is finally available here in the UK, and fans of Benji B's Deviation radio show will already be familiar with some of the tracks. Infinitely more sophisticated than the thugged-out chart fodder that we are all bombarded with, and more energetic and dynamic than many of the independent artists out there, this trio strikes a balance that is all too rare in Hip-Hop.

Tom Breslin, 04/06