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Feel Glorious / Milez Benjamin

Milez Benjamin - Feel Glorious

Tru Thoughts Recordings

Futuristic funk from the trio known as Milez Benjamin. Milez Benjamin consists of three members Gerd, Delgui and Colonel Red. They all came together in 2004 and started planting the seeds for this project and the results are very impressive. “Chop That Wood” is as funky as any record you’ll hear this year. Colonel Red leads the trio on the chorus and features some stellar bass playing. “Our House” keeps things moving in the same direction with the only difference is that it features some nice synth playing to add flavor to the track. “Soundcheckin’” is a little more broken than most of the tracks here but it’s funky and loose. All in all,  “Feel Glorious” makes it very hard for you not to have a good time. Each track is armed with catchy hooks and a thumping bass throughout. These guys sound like they had a lot of fun making this record. You’ll have fun watching your friends move to this at your next party.

Reg Dancy, 04/08