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Death of the Revolution / Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno

Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - Death of the Revolution

Tru Thoughts Recordings

Will Holland (a.k.a. Quantic) is nothing if not prolific and, as we all know, in music, quantity very often leads to an inevitable dip in quality that simply proves the famous mantra. Holland, though, likes to buck the trend and in “Death of the Revolution” he has managed to up the ante and deliver an album of undeniable quality. Inspired and produced in Columbia, recorded in the brand spanking new studio at Holland’s South American base, this is possibly my favourite Quantic-related album. It’s not complicated or fancy, or even particularly original in concept, it’s just plain, old-fashioned, good, easy listening music. Largely instrumentals, the tracks are all developments on a laid back, dub-reggae theme, decorated with welcome Latin flourishes. Holland himself plays piano, guitar and whatever else he can lay his hands on here, whilst being ably supported by the talented locals who are now members of the Quantic touring party. All in all, the grooves are infectious, there’s funk in abundance and there’s never any need for the ‘skip’ button.

Tom Breslin, 12/08